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  • Indonesia Vanilla is known for being sweet and smoky, especially for gourmet grade. The vanilla beans is suitable for any application that calls for vanilla planifolia. The flavor these beans holds up well in heated apllications.


  • Indonesia is one of the biggest suppliers of cocoa in the world. We always take care our cocoa since the beginning raw cocoa beans, processing the cocoa become cocoa butter, cocoa powder then serve to your table with chocolate drink and chocolate bar.


  • We supplies a premium quality range of Java Peanuts widely consumed in food industries to add the taste and aroma in reg. Java Peanuts that are packed with minerals, iron, copper and zinc, which energizes body and prevents from diseases. With the least moistured and the least aflatoxin levels.


  • Dried Gracilaria Seaweed is a raw material for making jelly or agar powder. Our product are selected and sorted the quality and the cleanliness are guaranteed. Gracilaria is not only used for food industry but it's suitable for cosmetics industry also.